The work will consist in a body-research focused on two states ; rest and alert. We will explore the frontiere between these two states, and the possibility to go from one to another as much as we like and with no care of incoherence. The principles for the choreography, and also for the sound, are based on the composition of a symphony. The bodies of the dancers will be painted as if they wore clothes: the idea is to create the illusion that they are both naked and dressed. Bodies seem to be dressed and socialy-correct but you can see better the details of the movements and the skin creasing and stretching. The space is made of walls with openings, kind of doors, and the five dancers will play with them: to go in and to go out.

Choreography: David Wampach
Costume & dramaturgy: Rachel Garcia
With: Pep Guarrigues, Lola Rubio, Tamar Shellef, David Wampach
Lights: Caty Olive
Directed by: Jean-Michel Hugo

An association Achlès production
In coproduction with: Festival Montpellier Danse 2007; Biennale Nationale de Danse du Val de Marne, Centre de Développement Chorégraphique; Centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier Languedoc Roussillon – Programme ReRc; Centre Chorégraphique National de Franche-Comté Belfort; Centre de Développement Chorégraphique d'Uzès et du Languedoc-Roussillon/Festival Uzès Danse; DANSE À LILLE / Centre de Développement Chorégraphique Roubaix Nord Pas de Calais; Centre de Développement Chorégraphique d'Avignon/Les Hivernales; Centre de Développement Chorégraphique de Bourgogne/ Art Danse Bourgogne; Centre de Développement Chorégraphique de Toulouse/Midi-Pyrénées
With the support of the Culture 2000 Programme of the European Union, in the frame of Enhanced danceWEB Europe.

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