“The initial idea of Scène d’amour was the physical desire to obtain what one wants in order to fulfil
one’s imaginary utopia. Which scheme leads to a kiss? How can emotion be induced instantly with the
force of the body? This piece expresses pure desire, brutal and direct confrontation, the capture of the
other person when love is stronger than the two protagonists. The dynamism of  Scène d’amour
comes straight out of the friction unleashed by the collision of energies and bodies. It breathes a
collective rhythm into the six artists’ performance
Everybody is trying to dominate himself and to dominate the body of the others.” (Juha-Pekka Marsalo)

Choreography: Juha-Pekka Marsalo
Assistant choreographer: Sara Orselli
Dancers: Benoit Armange, Tara Hudgson, Silvain Rembert
Original music: The Do (Dan Levy/ Olivia B. Merilahti)
Lights: Frédéric Moreau 
Costumes: Olivier Mulin

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