my private biopolitics

This work deals with its own macro and micro conditions in which it appears… First to make these visible due to the specification of mechanisms and procedures of the production of dance in Serbia. Second, to intervene. This leads to a series of questions which are left without uniform answers. Finally these questions, in their complexity, become the main intervention which this work is trying to carry out.  

The questions spring from the problem of positioning within relations of global and local bio-powers and bio-politics of dance in Serbia today. How to locate “one’s own (private and public) specificum”? And what is to be done with it - bearing in mind the tensions between local ideologies and global expectations?

The performance is part of the INDIGO DANCE research-artistic dance project

author and performer: Sasa Asentic
assistant: Olivera Kovacevic-Crnjanski
theoretical support and dramaturgy: Ana Vujanovic

The performance is made together with the Centre National de la Danse – Paris, research in residency (Theorem Dance residencies), and is prepared within a practical dramaturgy training of THe FaMa in Belgrade and Dubrovnik. With the support of the Culture 2000 programme of the European Union within the frame of danceWEB Europe.

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