The surprising thing is the body… We do not yet know what the body is capable of…
We see the performance itself as a border zone, the unknown place, a place  of  anonymity, a
place adrift and incapable of being situated. The displaced place where things can be thought
anew. To this end, we must blur the known properties of a performance as much as possible.
Jan Ritsema


MOSAIC is the result of a research within the tensions on the relation feminism – femininity. In this piece I primarily explored different aspects of femininity: fragility, possessiveness, shame, manipulation, seduction and victim-hood. In the violently fragmented  structure of the performance,  two of my dimensions are left to communicate  mutually and thus create the red line: a woman and a performer.

First impulse was given to me by works (sculptures and writings) of Louise Bourgeois, and two aspects of her artwork: her ability to «leave the work open» and let the meanings pour down from the observers' eyes; and secondly her floating status as an artist, changing from forgetfulness to admiration.
Further support for this work I found in texts of Gilles Deleuze and Jan Ritsema – both of them followed the path of search for 'in-betweenness'. The body which is in-between, unsettled in its multiple meanings, opens the door for the multiple ways to understand, to receive meanings and to react. This was my intention all the time – to act simultaneously as subject and as object – playing the space (the field for delivery of expectations, desires, disappointments, failures, supportiveness) rather than a person or a character. (Dragana  Alfirevic)

Author & performer: Dragana Alfirevic
Dramaturgy and theoretical advice: Ana Vujanovic
Visual identity: Maja Smrekar
Sound: Dragana Alfirevic, Emilian Gatsov, Vedran Vucic
Digital interaction: Slavko Glamocanin, Primoz Boncina
Photo: Nada Zgank
Design: Natalija Stanivuk

Production: Dragana  Alfirevic
Partners in realisation: Fico Balet, REX Belgrade, Hisa Vescin, Galerija Kapelica Ljubljana
Financial support: Ministry of Culture of Serbia. With the support of the Culture 2000 programme of the European Union within the frame of danceWEB Europe.

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