Posing Project B -
The Art of Seduction

Awarded with the Golden Lion at the Biennale die Venecia 2007.

Dance and performance: Luke Baio, Stephanie Cumming,Alexander Gottfarb, Katharina Meves,Anna Maria Novak
Artistic director and choreography: Chris Haring
Composition, Sound: Glim (Andreas Berger)
Set design: Aldo Giannotti
Dramaturgy: Thomas Jelinek
Theory: Katherina Zakravsky
Assistance: Rod Madl
Video: Michael Loizenbauer

Organisation: Jessica Wyschka(SODAart.at), Line Rousseau (a Propic)
Coproduction: danceWEB Europe, Tanzquartier Wien, La Biennale di Venezia.
Supported by the arts and culture department Vienna and the Austrian Federal Chancellery (section for art). With the support of the Culture 2000 programme of the European Union within the frame of danceWEB Europe.

Posing Project B

In the prize motivation the international jury of the biennale di venezia says that «Chris Haring in The Art of Seduction – Posing Project B has found bright, original and multi-faceted solutions to addressing the theme of the Biennale, Body & Eros. Using irony, he has mirrored and transformed the public perception of eroticism into a piece which displays our ubiquitous contemporary taste for exhibiting bodies.
It is an organic work combining sound, text, lighting, costume, setting and a dynamic rhythm of construction. The immediacy of the choreography and interpretation gets under the skin in a subtle and complex way. The Art of Seduction - Posing Project B expresses a fresh vision for the future of dance».

“The art of seduction” is part of the “Posing Project” which is conceived as a series of dance installations for the creation of hybrid acoustic, kinetic and visual spaces.
The pose has to be understood as basic material – as this trembling moment when the body pauses, seemingly rests in itself, while an image already detaches from its surface to end up in the eye of the beholder.
The “Posing Project” is a synthesis of performance and installation circling around the seductive games played between performers and audience.

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