Little Red Riding Hood

The idea for the project was born during the work with dance students on SEAD in Salzburg, where the choreographer Matej Kejzar started to look for his Little Red Riding Hood.
After the setup of principle guidelines choreographer Kejzar started to work with artists such as Willy A. Prager, Stephan A. Shtereff and Mirjam Klebel. During their work, the modern interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood was born, many times described also as the project “To see you better”.

The main story is focusing on the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood and its interpretation of Bruno Betlehaim. Political and sexual aspects are the main research venues in the project. The idea of the transformation and the transformed individual are the key moments of the concept.
Themes like love, fear, possession, aggression, hate, curiosity are dealt with to provoke and create the image of modern individual. The power of human emotion, lucidity and the world of fantasy are creating the story which we could also describe as modern rock opera. Because the transformation is leading character of creation, the performers will switch their roles the same way as the miracle is interrupting into the reality. The main goal is to create a performance with all possible elements of human expression, such as singing, opera, dancing, acting and live music.
Because all of the fairytales have a happy end, this is a story which never ends and concludes its final act with infinitive repetition.

choreographer/dancer: Matej Kejzar
dancer/actor: Wiliy Prager
dancer/actor: Stephan A. Shtereff
dancer/ Mirjam Klebel
musicians/ sounds: Aldo Ivancic and Ivan Mijacevic
scenography: Jasa
lights: Zoran Grabarac
costumes: Ursa Recer
dramaturgy: Alja Adam
design: Janez Vidrih
Photos by: Luka Kase
executive producer for Zavod Emanat: Ajda Es

Production: Zavod EMANAT
Coproduction: Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
Partners and sponsors: Občina Bohinj - SEAD, Salzburg,
Ministtrstvo za kulturo RS, Europlakat, Oktober, Avstrijsko veleposlani tvo - Kulturforum, MBI, Prevent, Lesna Tip

With the support of the Culture 2000 programme of the European Union within the frame of Enhanced danceWEB-Europe

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