Trg Zabjih Dlak

Trg Zabjih Dlak  (Frog’s Hair Garden)

Trg Zabjih Dlak is an uncommon dance-theatre performance, both for the venue it is made at and for its authors. It was conceived and created by Dragana Alfirevic and Dejan Srhoj, freelance dancers and choreographers, for and with the company of actors of Sentjakobsko Theatre, the oldest repertoire theatre in Central Europe, formed in 1921 as an art society. Their classical theatre background on the one hand and their devotion to physicality and readiness to experiment on the other brought to a fascinating result. Trg Zabjih Dlak is a performance, which, by zooming in lives of ordinary people shows that there is no such a thing as ordinary people. By the means of choreography, improvised movement, singing and text, treated as movement, actors and dancers create a staged post-modernist novel, whose pages could be read in whatever order. In this work, we are dealing with the concept of free time, with the research on different statuses of a performing body (bodies), relation with the audience, and with the potentials of focusing and blurring the picture, zooming in and out. This piece is characterized by exciting visual elements, sharp shifts, and lots of space open for individual interpretation of the spectator.


Conceived, directed and choreographed by: Dragana Alfirevic and Dejan Srhoj
Performing: Mario Dragojevic, Silvija Jovanovic, Nusa Komplet, Nina Kovacic, Sara Lucu, Simon Mlakar, Nusa Podvornik, Ana Porenta, Tatjana Rebolj, Marko Skok, Tjasa Valetincic, Gaja Visnar, Mateja Zelic
Costume design: Maja Smrekar
Stage design: Dragana Alfirevic and Dejan Srhoj
Assistant of costume designer: Bojan Vister
Montage of music: Jure Vlahovic
Photo: Darko Radanovic

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