One Piece

ONE PIECE is a performance on/with human ineptness, incompleteness,  
partiality and radical dependance on the other.
ONE PIECE is one and the same performance that is being executed in  
the morning and in the evening therefore it is certainly not the same.  
The one in the evening relates to what took place in the morning and  
what took place the day before. The morning one is anticipating that  
something will take place in the evening and as well the next day.  
Both of them could stand on their own, but they are not because they  
cannot stand on their own, although they are. In all those "befores"  
and "afters" I am making an attempt to exist."

ONE PIECE is Bojana's Final Project at DasArts Advanced studies in  
Performing Arts Amsterdam. It premiered in Gashuis Amsterdam in  
February 2008.

concept, text and execution: Bojana Mladenovic
music: Street musicians from Bulgaria and Romania - Eugen, Valentin,  
Asen, Stanislav and Miroslav
dramaturgical assistance: Ania Harre
assistance: Udo Akemann
light design: Vinny Jones
photographer: Caroline Otteni

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