Locked up in a dance studio for ten days, unable to leave or even to talk to each other,
two dancers explore choreography,
examining different ways of interacting
while avoiding verbal communication,
experimenting with what can be done but not said.
What the spectator sees is a place devoid of any spatial references,
apart from the dancers’ bodies.
Altered perception leads to active spectating, which is only ever partial.
Loss of reference to the whole means the detail becomes everything.



Concept & dance: Vincenzo Carta & Benjamin Vandewalle
Original music : Michael Northam

Production: We Go
Executive producer: Monty
Coproduction: Monty, Fabbrica Europa, Santarcangelo Festival and STUK Kunstencentrum.
With the support of the Flemish Community, Buda Arts Centre and the Culture 2000 Programme of the European Union (Enhanced danceWEB-Europe)
In collaboration with ulti’mates/Ultima Vez en Rosas.

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