Writing on the Body,
writing on the Stage

This coproduction is a cross-artform project exploring how Choreographers and Theatre Writers approach the question of composition. The exploration consists of a series of conversations hosted by the Southbank Centre, which were then transcribe by Dick McCaw.

It could be that some of these insights and discoveries might form the basis for a more practical exploration of how writers and choreographers create work.  The aim of this project is to be as responsive as possible to the artists concerned – there is no pre-established agenda.

Faciliator: Dick McCaw - www.bodiesofknowledge.org
Choreographers: Henri Oguike, Temitope Ajosé-Cutting, Hofesh Schechter, Stephanie Schober, Ben Duke, Luca Silvestrini
Writers: Laura Wade, Leo Butler, Richard Bean, Meredith Oakes, Winsome Pinnock, John Donnelly

Supported by the Bonnie Bird Choreography Trust, the Arts Council of England, the Southbank Centre. With the support of the Culture 2000 programme of the European Union, within the frame of Enhanced danceWEB Europe.

You can download the Transcripts of three conversations between writers and choreographers or the Big Themes from the report.

© Portrait of Dick McCaw by Paul Floyd Blake / Circelation 2004