Kalevala Dancebox

„Open the curtain. Enter the Dancebox. Follow the acoustic instructions. Wait for the start of the Kalevala sound clip. Dance! You have 1 minute. Your video clip will be saved to the Kalevala website and commented by dance professionals (e.g. Miguel Gutierrez & Robert Steijn).“

These were the instructions for using the Kalevala Dancebox®. Many »danceWEBers took this unique chance and danced for their lives. Just have a look at this overwhelming creative outcome and the outrageous clips....

Kalevala is the best known Finnish epic based on orally transmitted saying, myths and tales (author: Elias Lönnrot). The Kalevala Dancebox®  is a collaboration between ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival and the Vienna Poetry Academy and was designed by adm™. It is a hybrid between stage, responsive environment and e-learning. It was part of the ImPulsTanz Workshop Festival 2006 in the Arsenal/ Vienna.

Amber Barton 01

Amber Barton 02

Eleanor Bauer 01

Eleanor Bauer 02

Eleanor Bauer 03

Jenny Beyer

Artemis Stavridi
& Saju Hari 01

Artemis Stavridi
& Saju Hari 02

Artemis Stavridi
& Saju Hari
& Sayaka Kaiwa

Csilla Nagy

Csilla Nagy
& Gustin Makgeledisa

Csilla Nagy
& Gustin Makgeledisa 02

Gustin Makgeledisa

Domenico Giustino
& Pieter Ampe

Domenico Giustino

Domenico Giustino
& danceWEBbers

Csilla Nagy 02

Eleanor Bauer 05

Natasha Zivkovic

Jelena Rusjan

Anja Müller

Lucie Eidenbenz, Jelena Rusjan & Moran Abergel

Marko Milic, Pieter Ampe,
Georg Hobmeier &
Moran Abergel 

Marko Milic &

Marko Milic &
Min Kyoung Lee

Marko Milic
& danceWEBber

Marco Milic

Min Kyoung Lee

Pink Panther 01

Pink Panter 02

Pink Panter 03

Pink Panter 04

Pink Panter 05

Pink Panter 06

Pink Panter 07

Pink Panter 08

Pink Panter 09

Pink Panter 10

Pieter Ampe

Adriana Cubides


Charlotta Ruth

Santiago Turenne

Koen De Preter